Virgin of Guadalupe


  • Handcrafted plaque of the Virgin in gold and silver colored metal on black
  • The detailed design of Blessed Mary is endearing in its simplicity
  • Mary stands on the moon, her symbol, which is supported by an angel

Measurements: 15 ounces weight, 9¾ inches height, 4¾ inches width, ¾ inch depth

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Initially designed by a Benedictine monk of Mexico, Br. Gabriel Chavez, this plaque was handcrafted in Cuernavaca, Mexico, metal on black colored wood. Mary is framed by a symbolic burst of light by a gold metal piece to emphasize her holiness. The lines in the silver cut metal which show her figure in robes with marked stars adorning it, are simple but tell the whole tale of a humble Lady of faith. Her humility is doubled in meaning by her standing on the moon which is her symbol because it receives its light from the sun, the symbol for her son, the Son of God. It is an attractive and most pleasing plaque that will adorn any wall in your household and also be a thoughtful gift for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary.


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