Theotokos of Vladimir


  • A reproduced handmade icon from Greece
  • Strikingly radiant colors adorn this beautiful ancient Byzantine style icon
  • Tall yet slender in width, this is a most attractive object of iconographic art

Measurements: 1lb., 9 ounces weight, 16½ inches height, 7¼ inches width, 1 inch depth

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This striking icon was originally called the Virgin of Tenderness and according to tradition the icon was painted by St. Luke the Evangelist himself. Mary’s pensive gaze conveys that of one who is long suffering and full of compassion. In veneration, her hand gestures toward the Christ Child who is looking up at her with filial affection. It is believed this icon was transferred from Jerusalem in 450 A.D. to Constantinople, to Kiev, and finally to Vladimir, Russia, hence its current title, “Theotokos of Vladimir.” The letter contained in the nimbus of Christ, W, represent the phrase O W N, which translates to “He Who Is” or “The Being One”, recalling the words of God to Moses in Exodus: “Tell them I AM has sent you.” The oval shape at the top of the piece is a nice touch to this lovely icon and will make it a most welcome gift or a most interesting wall hanging for your bedroom, or library, or oratory.


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