The Pieta


  • A fabulously detailed statue of the Pieta, Blessed Mary holding Jesus’ crucified body
  • A statuette version of the famous Pieta in the Vatican with its evident pathos
  • The body of Jesus has a bronze tone to it and the clothes of Mary are grave in color

Measurements: 2 lbs, 11 ounces weight, 6 inches height, 6 inches width, 3¾ inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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A quite amazing statue of the Pieta from the Vatican depicting the sorrowful Mother of Jesus holding his body in her arms right after he had been taken down from the cross. This piece captures well the pathos and sorrow of the event and will inspire all those who see it to wonder about the great sacrifice of love that Jesus and his mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, undertook on our behalf. The detail of the clothing, the image of the crucified body of Jesus, the elaborately draped clothes of Mary and the features of her head all add a great deal of realism to the statue. This would make a striking devotional piece for any place in the home, office, or personal oratory. The colors of the hard resin are different for Jesus’ body (golden toned) and for Mary’s figure (reddish toned with gray highlights) and together they are arresting to the eye. You will be pleased with the weight of this statue and the dignity it has.


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