The Holy Family


  • A very substantial sized and weighted statue of the Holy Family
  • Jesus, a young child, stands with his Mother and Joseph who holds a lily
  • Different tones of the over-all bronze color add depth and character

Measurements: 3 lbs, 3 ounces weight, 9½ inches height, 5 inches width, 3¾ inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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A statue of the Holy Family well worth having! The figures of the young boy Jesus, his mother Mary and foster-father Joseph are excellently rendered in fine detail and with expressive features. This statue has a more determined feel to it because it is so well done in color, detail, size, and weight. The varied bronze color of the solid resin of the statue is truly attractive and arresting in appearance. The clothing of the figures is especially well done in flowing arrangements. It would be something that would catch the eye of visitors to your home or office and be an occasion to speak about the Holy Family in ways that could deepen the importance of the family in these days and times.


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