Standing Alabaster Crucifix


  • An unusual and beautiful alabaster standing crucifix
  • It is all white alabaster in color, even the corpus of Jesus
  • Quite good detail makes this crucifix one that will be endearing to you

Measurements: 1 lb, 5 ounces weight, 10¼ inches height, 6¼ inches width, 2¾ inches depth

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This is such a unique crucifix because it is all alabaster, including the corpus of Jesus. But the extra fine detail of his face in death is touching and will help bring a sense of compunction for those with faith and an understanding of the meaning of the crucifixion. It is solid and stands on a graduated base that gives stability and a presence that will attract the attention of visitors and friends who may see it in your home or office. The cross itself has been given a wood like texture that just adds to the overall effect of this being a crucifix that will move you to veneration and devotion.


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