St. Cecilia, Patroness of Musicians


  • A colorful hand painted statue of St. Cecilia hold a small golden organ
  • A truly beautiful statue of the saint wearing a rose colored flowing cape
  • Cecilia is the patroness of musicians, greatly revered by the Church for her music

Measurements: 1 lb, 2 ounces weight, 8 inches height, 2 inches width, 2 inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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St. Cecilia is said to have sung in her heart to God at her wedding and this, plus her martyrdom, led to her being called the patroness of musicians. The statue is hand painted in arresting colors and shows her holding a small golden organ, complete with keyboard, and standing on a book of music that emphasizes a central role of music for Catholic liturgies. The features of her statue are refined and the whole statue has a substantial presence although made of solid resin. This would make a very fine gift to a musician but especially to one involved with sacred music.


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