San Damiano Crucifix with Bronze colored Jesus


  • All metallic looking bronze colored hardened resin with the Jesus’ body in bas-relief
  • The many figures of Mary, the Father, witnesses, and saints are lightly painted
  • The detail of Jesus is fine with the gold coloring of the halo and border of the cross
  • Comes in a tasteful gift box

Measurements: 14 ounces weight, 10 inches height, 7 inches width, 1¼ inches depth

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A beautiful smaller rendition of the San Damiano cross that was made famous by St. Francis of Assisi. It is made of a hardened and durable resin that looks metallic and bronzed. The corpus of Jesus stands out in prominent bas-relief so that he and his sacrifice are emphasized. There are all of the tradition figures all around on the cross and are identifiable in their positions as well as being lightly hand-painted to add contrast and definition. This crucifix can hang on the wall and is sufficiently detailed to be a wonderful devotional faith object for young people’s rooms, maybe even next to their computers!


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