San Damiano Crucifix (Fully Painted)


  • A fully painted replica of the famous San Damiano crucifix of St. Francis of Assisi
  • All resin, the piece has a substantial feel to it and the figures are well defined
  • The flesh tones of the bas-relief body of Jesus make it easy for imaginative devotion

Small: 14 ounces weight, 10 inches height, 7 inches width, 1 inch depth

Large: 2 lbs, 14 ounces weight, 15½ inches height, 11¼ inches width, 1¾ inches depth

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This crucifix has all the color and sense of majesty that one would want for a meaning-filled remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice of love that changed all our lives. The slightly more than 2/3 inch high bas-relief of Jesus makes him the centerpiece of the scene, as it should. Interestingly and unusually for most crucifixes, Jesus has his eyes open and you can guess upon whom he is focused – yes, it’s you! The witnesses of the crucifixion are well displayed next to Jesus, on the left his Mother and St. John, on the right, Mary of Magdalene, Mary mother of St. James, and the centurion who in St. Matthew’s Gospel asks Jesus to heal his servant. There are, of course, angels and saints all round and together the assemble is greatly appealing and fascinating to look at and ponder. Both are fixed with wall hooks and either or both would make fine gifts for a whole range of people, members of the family, and friends in your local church.

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Small 10", Large 15"


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