Saint Anthony of Padua


  • A hard resin statue with a bronze appearance of St. Anthony holding a child and lily
  • Lightly painted with a brown tint for his Franciscan robes
  • Excellent detail of St. Anthony’s head and clothes as well as the features of the child

Measurements: 1 lb weight, 7¼ inches height, 2½ inches width, 2½ inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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A traditional appearing St. Anthony wearing his Franciscan robes and rosary while holding in his arms a young child and a stalk of lilies. The solid resin is lightly painted so that it looks like a brownish bronze. The details of St. Anthony’s body, his feet, hands and head are really very well done, and the same is true for the features of the child in St. Anthony’s arm. A nameplate helps tell visitors and friends who this saint is and then you can tell them about how he is the Patron Saint of lost or stolen articles. He was a courageous preacher of the truth while also caring for the poor, especially widows and orphans. This statue would make a special gift for Confirmation to inspire youngsters to live a fearless life of faith. It would also be a nice addition to any other group of religious statues or objects that you display in your home or office.


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