Our Lady of Perpetual Help


  • Beautiful, light filled ancient Byzantine style in a reproduced icon on wood
  • Honors a Marian image of Mary showing tenderness to the Christ Child
  • Her tender love of Christ inspires people to ask for helpful intercessory prayers

Measurements: 1 lb., seven ounces weight, 12 inches height, 9¼ inches width, ¾ inch depth

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Our Lady of the Passion, also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Help, is a classic Marian icon from 15th century Crete that portrays the Madonna and Christ Child in front of a resplendent gold background representing the Kingdom of God. Mary is wearing a red robe that symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ, and the Christ Child is looking up with trepidation at a cross the Archangel Gabriel holds out in front of him. On the other side of Mary the Archangel Michael holds out the sponge for offering vinegar to Jesus and the lance with which Christ will be pierced. The phrase contained in the nimbus, O W N, translates to “He Who Is” or “The Being One.” The icon is brilliantly colored and deeply inspiring for remembering that great gift of Mary’s Son to us and the great love of her Son for us as well. It is a piece that will surely attract attention and generate conversation when seen in your home or office.


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