Mother of God Hodegetria Triptych


  • A triptych that opens to reveal a striking image of Mary and Child flanked by angels
  • Beautiful ancient Byzantine style icon reproduced in Greece on stressed wood
  • Angels on the front “doors” of the triptych carry a cross and a scroll of the Gospels

Measurements: 1lb., 3 ounces weight, 9 inches height, 5 inches width, 1½ inches depth

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This is a splendid icon in an intentionally stressed wood container that gives it an “ancient antique” feel. When opened, it reveals its central icon with Mary embracing and pointing toward the Christ Child sitting regally in her lap, which is the meaning of the icon’s title, Hodegetria, that is “She who shows the way,” which is Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Mary is appareled in a brilliant red robe that is symbolic of her Son Jesus’ crucifixion and divinity. Christ holds his hand out in a gesture of peace; his three fingers pointing outward to symbolize the three persons of the Trinity, and his two curled fingers to represent his divinity and humanity. The two wings of the triptych contain angels in green and red who bow toward Mary and Christ in a gesture of reverence and awe. Each section of the triptych contains a golden flower imprinted into the wood, which, like the stars on Mary’s robe, symbolize that the Mother of God was a virgin before, during, and forever after Christ’s miraculous birth. The golden background and ornamental detail in the maroon frame are truly remarkable. Angels on the front of the triptych hold a scroll representing the Gospels and a cross representing the secret of the Gospel: give your life away out of love and you will not lose it; try to keep it for yourself and it is lost. This is a beautiful “antiqued” triptych icon that will be most pleasing to use for prayer and conversation.


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