Large Crucifix, Alabaster Colored Corpus


  • Crucifix is hardened resin with great coloring for the wood and corpus of Jesus
  • The corpus has been lightly painted to show the suffering and agony of Jesus’ death
  • Has a hook for wall hanging, has an impressive size and a moving presence

Measurements: 1 lb, 15 ounces weight, 15 inches height, 10 inches width, 2 inches depth

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An extraordinary crucifix that shows the body of Jesus as having been through the agony of carrying the cross and of being mistreated in all the ways it was. The entire crucifix is solid resin with the cross having a real appearance of rough wood and the body having the appearance of alabaster. Jesus hands are nailed to the cross by his wrists, often thought to be the way it would have been done in order to support his body. There is also light painting of the body that shows the bleeding of the hands and wound in His side and gives an appearance that his body had definitely been abused. The head of Jesus is bowed in death, yes, but it still reveals a death out of love for us and not something feared or self-centered. This crucifix will provide many hours of devotional meditation on the death of our Lord for all humankind. It has a hook embedded in the back of the cross for easy-to-use hanging on the wall of your home, office, or workplace where it will be noticed and perhaps move others to think about the importance of Jesus’ death for all of us.


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