Jesus the Teacher


  • A hugely popular icon of Jesus the All-ruler and Teacher holding a gospel book
  • Luminous within his body, Jesus is seen as filled with light from God himself
  • A high quality reproduced icon handcrafted in Greece for its mounting

Measurements: 1 lb., 9 ounces weight, 16½ inches height, 7¼ inches width, 1 inch depth

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This beautiful oval icon portrays Christ as Teacher, holding in one hand the Gospels. Christ’s other hand makes the sign of a blessing; his three fingers pointing upward representing the three persons of the Holy Trinity and his two curled fingers representing his divine and human natures. In a similar fashion, his blue apparel represents his divine nature while his red apparel symbolizes his human nature and his crucifixion. The phrase contained in the nimbus, O W N, translates to “He Who Is” or “The Being One”, recalling the words of God to Moses in Exodus: “Tell them I AM has sent you.” The background is gold that is symbolic of heaven and typical of a Byzantine style, and the maroon color highlighted by a yellow lace draping is a very nice addition classically signifying a man of high office. This illustrious icon will graciously adorn any room in your home or oratory and will also make a wonderful gift for anyone interesting is Byzantine religious art.


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