Jesus, the Good Shepherd


  • Christ with a lamb in his arm and a sheep at his feet holds a shepherd’s staff
  • The face of Jesus has such detail that his gentle look of concern is evident
  • The robes of Jesus have a bronze and darkish tint to the resin that is arresting

Measurements: 3 lbs weight, 11 inches height, 4½ inches width, 3½ inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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This is a most impressive statue of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd holding a free standing staff in his right hand, a baby lamb in his left arm while standing next to a sheep placed at this feet. It is a statue that unmistakably calls to mind the good shepherd discourse in John’s Gospel. One of the most interesting features is the expression that the statue captures on Jesus’ face, one of care touched with gentleness. The robes of Jesus are well executed and have a variety of tinting that adds to their appearance. The sheep are endearing in their renditions and the overall impression is of a man looking after those for whom he is responsible. Priests and deacons on the anniversaries of their ordinations will especially welcome this as a gift because it will helpfully remind them of their blessed vocations.


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