Crucifixion with Saint Francis


  • A striking depiction of Christ on the Cross being held by St. Anthony
  • A statue of hard resin in a bronze color with exceptional detail
  • A devotional statue that will great aid prayer and reflection

Measurements 1lb, 10 ounces weight, 11 inches height, 6 inches width, 3¼ inches depth. Comes in a tasteful gift box.

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This stunning statue is made from solid resin with a bronze appearance and is beautifully detailed. A mournful Saint Anthony of Padua embraces and looks up to the crucified Christ with agony and great devotion. Saint Anthony is identifiable by the corona haircut, bare feet, and waist rope that were customary of medieval Franciscan apparel. Christ is clothed in a simple garment around his waist and a crown of thorns. His pierced side from which came forth blood and water shows beneath his right breast. His right arm has come off the cross and reaches down to comfort Saint Anthony, while his left arm remains nailed to the cross, which conveys the paradoxical life giving death of Christ. At the top of the cross is the traditional inscription INRI, which is short for Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum. A beautiful devotional piece to keep at home or office.


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