Crucifixion Scene


  • A wall plaque containing the crucifixion of Jesus surrounded by those who stayed
  • Hardened resin that is lightly painted with a broad ornate border around the plaque
  • The haloed figures, Jesus on the cross, the temple in background, are all notable

Measurements: 1 lb, 3 ounces weight, 9 inches height, 6 inches width, ½ inch depth

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While the figures themselves are impressive, the plaque also has a background that suggests a great storm and upheaval, with the temple in the background whose veil, we know from Scriptures, is just about to get torn from top to bottom. This conveys a sense of the importance of this scene for all of us. Jesus on the cross is accompanied by his Mother, clinging to the base of the cross, St. John, the disciples “he loved,” Mary Magdalene , and Mary mother of St. James. Their grief and distress are evident and the bowed head of Jesus signifying that it is now “finished,” are clear and inspiring aspects of the plaque. Ready for wall hanging with a felt back to protect the wall, this plaque would be movingly inspirational for those who have it in their eyesight from time to time in their home, or office, or oratory.


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