Crucifixion Icon Set in Wood Cross


  • A Byzantine style wooden cross has a beautiful crucifixion icon set within it
  • The icon reproduction is of exceptionally high quality
  • A moving icon of Jesus’ death on the cross

Measurements: 4 ounces weight, 6¾ inches height, 5¼ inches width, 1 inch depth

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Imported from Greece, this lovely wooden Byzantine cross with a most beautiful icon reproduced in a handmade setting of gold painted wood is a delight just to hold. Jesus’s hands are held open to tell us, and his Father, that it is finished; the salvation of humankind is now begun and it is coming upon us all. This is an art object diminutive in size perhaps, but immense in implication. It will make a wonderful gift for all the usual religious occasions, but also for just plain having it at home, or in the bedroom, or oratory by anyone with faith in Christ’s death and resurrection.


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