Blessed Mary and Child Jesus


  • A fully painted plaque of Blessed Mary, holding a young Christ the King
  • Wonderful ornate designs fill the borders of the plaque
  • A bas-relief of Mother and Child against a translucent background with angels

Measurements: 1 lb, 6 ounces weight, 9 inches height, 6 inches width, ½ inch depth

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A magnificent fully painted plaque that shows Blessed Mary and the Child Jesus in an inspiring pose and setting. Both Mary and Jesus have their beautiful eyes looking heavenward, and young Jesus is wearing a golden crown in honor of his Kingship of the world while behind him are two angels, one with a cross and one with a lance, both revealing the journey Jesus must make to establish his Kingdom. The bright gold of the halos of both figures emphasizes their purity and holiness, and the green of Jesus’ gown shows him to be the hope of the world and the fresh life of the world as well. Mary wears a red robe over her blue tunic, both traditional colors to emphasize that she is a woman of faith who gave birth to the Divine One. The borders of the plaque with its church-like lifted vault above Mary’s head are exquisitely decorated with interesting florid designs. This is an amazing plaque that will long be admired by whoever owns it or sees it or prays with it.


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