Bird of Peace – Pax


  • A plaque of PAX, the famous motto of Benedictine monks
  • Simple but carefully crafted silver and gold colored metal on black wood
  • The bird of the Holy Spirit with the word of Peace symbolized in this plaque

Measurements: 11 ounces weight, 4 inches height, 9¾ inches width, ¾ inch depth

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The Bird of Peace refers both to the bird from Noah’s Ark with its olive branch indicating that the flood was over and the Holy Spirit of the Trinity in whose presence we find Peace. this plaque eloquently captures the spirit of these meanings in an attractive presentation of metal and wood. Designed in 1950 by Brother Gabriel Chavez, OSB, in the Abby of Tepeyac, Mexico, the word “PAX” is famously used by Benedictines the world over for a greeting to others. This plaque is ready for hanging and the Bird of Peace would be at home anywhere you would have it perch. A great gift to one and all for every occasion.


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