Daily Martyrology for November 14

In 1180, at the Victorine monastery of Eu in Normandy, St. Lawrence O’Toole, bishop. He was born of an important Irish family and christened Lorcán. When he was ten he was taken hostage by Dermot MacMurrough, king of Leinster. He was entrusted to the safekeeping of the bishop of Glendalough, and became a monk there. He was elected abbot when he was twenty-five. He became the second archbishop of Dublin in 1161. He introduced the Canons Regular of Arrousaise to his cathedral and shared their life. He was dedicated to preaching, the liturgy, and the poor. He acted as a mediator when the English invaded Ireland. Lawrence attended the Third Lateran Council in Rome in 1179, and when he tried to implement its decrees in Ireland, he ran afoul of Henry II. He was on his way to see the king in Normandy when he took ill and died.

In 1391, St. Nicholas of Sibenik and companions. Nicholas was a Franciscan sent to preach against the Bogomils in Bosnia. After twenty years he was sent on a mission to Palestine. When he and three other Franciscans proclaimed Christianity to a leading Muslim official, he had them burned at the stake.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.