Daily Martyrology for July 13

The commemoration of the prophet Joel and the scribe Ezra.

In the first century, St. Silas, a Jewish Christian who went on a mission from the church of Jerusalem to Antioch, and later accompanied Paul on some of his missionary work. He seems to be the Silvanus mentioned in the First Epistle of Peter as a brother whom Peter knew and could trust.

In 1024, at Bamberg, St. Henry II and his wife, Kunegunda. Henry was the son of Henry the Wrangler, duke of Bavaria. After receiving a clerical eduction, he unexpectedly became Emperor in 1002. Henry and his wife Kunegunda were supporters of monasteries and benefactors of the poor. Henry was sometimes high-handed in his political dealings, but he was genuinely devoted to Christ. Pope Pius X declared him a patron of Benedictine oblates.

In 1926, in Colombia, Blessed Mariano de Jesús Euse Hoyos. He grew up at a time of anticlericalism and was home-schooled by his devout parents. He attended the seminary in Medellín and was ordained in 1872. He spent most of his life as an extremely effective and dedicated parish priest in a rural parish in the mountains.

In 1963, Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Santiago, the first Puerto Rican to be declared “blessed". He was a layman. His brother became the first Puerto Rican Benedictine abbot and his sister became a Carmelite. He devoted much of his life to promoting appreciation of the liturgy.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.