Daily Martyrology for June 16

In the last half of the sixth century, St. Aurelian. He was bishop of Arles and papal vicar for Gaul. He founded monasteries for men and women and wrote a rule for them. He corresponded with Pope Virgilius, cautioning him to proceed circumspectly in the controversy over the synod of the “three chapters", at which the emperor had condemned works of Theodore of Mopsuestia, Theodoret of Cyr, and Ibas of Edessa.

In 1106, St. Benno of Meissen, bishop. He was a monk at Hildesheim, then bishop of Meissen. He was entangled in a controversy between the emperor Henry IV and the Saxon nobility, and again in the investiture struggle between the emperor and the papacy. He was exiled and spent time as a missionary to the Slavs. Martin Luther was vehemently opposed to Benno’s canonization in 1523.

In 1246, at Aywières near Liège, St. Lutgard. Sent to a Benedictine convent school, she was a worldly young girl until she had a conversion experience, which brought her close to Christ. When she was twenty-four she sought a stricter monastic life and moved to the Cistercian monastery at Aywières. Although she never mastered the French spoken there, she became a highly esteemed counselor and healer.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.