Daily Martyrology for May 2

In Alexandria, in 373, St. Athanasius, bishop and doctor of the church. In opposition to the Arians, Athanasius was a tireless champion of the true divinity of the Son of God. He was chosen patriarch of Alexandria in 328. By then he was already a noted theologian. He spent the next forty-six years alternating between leading his diocese and enduring exile. He is the author of The Life of St. Antony.

At Saint Gall in Switzerland, in 926, St. Wiborada, martyr. She worked as a bookbinder at Saint Gall, then assisted her priest brother, Hatto. When he joined Saint Gall, she became a recluse. She was killed by the invading Huns.

In 1172, at Avranches, Blessed Achard of St. Victor. He was probably born in England of Anglo-Norman parents. He studied and taught at the Parisian abbey of St. Victor, where he became the second abbot in 1155. In 1162, he was made bishop of Avranches in Normandy. As bishop there, he supported the foundation of the Premonstratensian monastery of La Lucerne, where his tomb is still venerated.

In 1391, at Linkoping in Sweden, Blessed Nils Hermansson, bishop. Educated at Paris and Orléans, he became a canon of Linkoping and eventually was elected bishop there. He was an energetic preacher and a supporter of the work of St. Bridget. He composed hymns for her office.

In 1459, St. Antoninus of Florence, bishop. He was a Dominican friar who was in the novitiate with Fra Angelico. He founded the monastery of San Marco. He wrote a summary of moral theology and was especially concerned with economic issues.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.