Daily Martyrology for April 27

About 107, in Palestine, St. Simeon, the son of Clopas, who succeeded James the Less as bishop of Jerusalem. He survived the fall of the city but was martyred by crucifixion under the Emperor Trajan.

In 915, St. Tutilo. He became a monk at St. Gall in Switzerland at the time of Blessed Notker (April 6), and was an outstanding artist and musician.

In Lucca, in 1278, St. Zita, who spent her adult life as a devout and energetic servant in the house of a wealthy family. She is the patron of Lucca.

In Montenegro, in 1565, Blessed Osanna. Born of Orthodox parents, she joined the Catholic Church. After hearing a moving sermon on Good Friday, she withdrew to live as an anchoress in Cattaro. She became a Dominican tertiary and a community of tertiaries formed around her.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.