Daily Martyrology for March 24

At Vadestna, Sweden, in 1381, St. Catherine, abbess. She was the fourth of the eight children of St. Bridget of Sweden (July 23). She was raised in several convents. She entered into an arranged marriage, but she and her husband lived a quasi-monastic life as brother and sister. After her husband died, Bridget founded a monastery at Vadstena, and then moved to Rome in 1349, and Catherine joined her there the following year. The two of them prayed and urged the pope to return to Rome from Avignon. When her mother died, Catherine spent the rest of her life as abbess of the monastery of Vadstena. She promoted her mother’s canonization.

About 712, in England at the abbey of Barking, St. Hildelith, abbess. She succeeded St. Ethelburga (October 12) as second abbess of the community. She was a dynamic leader. St. Aldhelm (May 25) wrote a treatise on virginity for the community, and St. Boniface (June 5) esteemed her greatly.

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Our daily martyrology was written by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB. Copyright © 2008 by the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, ID 83338.