The Christmas season draws to a close on this day and tomorrow, January 9th, we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. See our Homily Page for words about the meaning of the Lord’s and our baptism.

This year our Christmas decorations included lights (solar powered of course) on three of the beautiful and flourishing pine trees in “Mary’s Garden,” directly north of our abbey church.

The garden and Christmas lights have been visible to the monks in our frequent goings and comings to and from the church through this Christmas season of 2020-21.

Set on a timer, the tree lights are on when go to Vigils at 4:00, Lauds 5:30 am, followed by Mass, as well Adoration at 5:20 pm and Vespers at 5:50 pm. Finally, the lights on the trees can be enjoyed on the way to and from Compline at 7:20 pm.

Christ is our Light! May He illumine our hearts and minds, now and throughout this year of our Lord 2021.