March 20, 2020

Statement from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert with regard to the COVID-19 Corona Virus

On March 13, 2020, Archbishop John Wester announced the closing of public liturgical services throughout the Archdiocese of Santa Fe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Monastery in full solidarity with the Archbishop has chosen to take the following steps

The Guesthouse is closed until further notice.

The Monastery Giftshop will remain closed.

Public celebration of liturgical Offices and Mass are suspended.

The current health crisis which is affecting the whole world is of course distressing. Despite that fact, as believers in the power of God’s saving action, we are called to place all our trust in God and at the same do whatever we can to stop the spread of disease, however inconvenient that may be to us personally, as a nation or as a Church. We also offer prayers for all who are suffering with the virus, as well as the medical personnel who are working to assist those in need. May God give healing to the sick, comfort to those who have or are facing the loss of loved ones, eternal life to those who have died, and protection to those who are knowingly or unknowingly exposed to the virus. May the All-Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, intercede on behalf of all, that we may be cautious but at peace, placing before the Lord all our fears, concerns, hopes and sorrows.

Abbot Christian and the monks of Christ in the Desert

July 9, 2020 Update

“It is of paramount importance to be reminded that the Church values everyone’s safety and well-being.  Life is sacred and we will continue to take every precaution to protect our community from the coronavirus.”  Archbishop Wester

The Monastery has been blessed with good health and has had no cases of COVID-19 so far. We have reviewed the current opening guidelines for both liturgical services and facilities serving high risk individuals and have concluded that even a limited reopening is not possible at this time. The monks continue to pray the Office and celebrate the Mass in unity with the whole Church and are looking forward to the day when guests and pilgrims are able to return to the canyon safely.

February 10, 2021 Update

We are still unable to reopen the Guesthouse safely taking into account present health guidelines for public worship and care of high risk individuals.

Abbot Christian Leisy, OSB