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Our angel has a voice!
At Christ in the Desert we follow St Benedict's Rule, in which it is prescribed that the monks should meet together in the monastery church for prayer seven times each day and once in the night. This schedule of prayer is known as the Divine Office, or Opus Dei.

The prayer services are for the most part made up of the psalms from the Bible, which are chanted according to ancient tradition. Each different service also has its own appropriate selection of hymns, prayers and other readings from scripture.

As well as the Divine Office, each day we also celebrate the Mass (the Holy Eucharist) with many of the texts set to music. The custom of accompanying so much of our worship with music has its roots in ancient liturgy.

The music which we use is largely derived from the tradition of Gregorian Chant. We have adapted many of the Gregorian melodies to fit the English language, although we do retain many of the chants with the original Latin texts.


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