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(Program Fee DOES NOT include Room/Board prices.
All below retreats are open to both Men and Women.
See below for Registration/Room Requirements)

1. Living the Rule of Benedict Everyday - June 17 - 21, 2012
(Sunday 4 pm - Thursday noon)

Program Fee: $110

We'll explore the wisdom of the Rule of Benedict which has provided enduring spiritual guidance for over 1500 years. While we do not live in a monastery, the rule speaks to our deep longing for God. The genius of Benedict is his understanding that over time, external practices of prayer, scripture, work and living with others can form and mold our inner self on our spiritual journey. We will delve in depth (and experience at the Monastery) several of Benedict's spiritual practices, and then translate these practices into our everyday lives.

If you've previously attended a Rule of Benedict retreat - this retreat includes new material and themes.


Dr Nancy Copeland-Payton, MD, MDiv is an experienced retreat leader, spiritual director, and author of "Losses of Our Lives, The Sacred Gifts of Renewal in Everyday Loss." Reading the Rule of Benedict daily, she and her husband try to live it in their family and work-day lives. A Benedictine Oblate, Nancy regularly leads retreats in both Catholic and Protestant retreat centers.

2. Future retreat requests

Can't make the above retreats and wish just to be put on our mailing list for future retreats, Please use our online retreat request form: Retreat Request and please put "Future retreats mailing list" in the "Questions or Comments" box. Also state dates that might work for you. This will help us with future dates that might work with your schedule.


Registration and Payment Requirements
(As stated above - Program Fee DOES NOT include Room/Board prices
See below for more details)

1) To register for a retreat, or with questions to the registration process, please use our online retreat request form: Retreat Request

2) To reserve a guesthouse room, contact the monastery Guestmaster, Br. James, and be sure to mention that you have pre-registered with Marie for the retreat:

3) If you have questions about the nature or content of a retreat, please e-mail Nancy, the presenter:

Payments and Room Reservations:
Each Retreat has a Program Fee (noted above plus nightly room/board rates listed at Rooms & Suggested Donations). The Program Fee must be paid in full when you register and is paid directly to Dr. Morgan.
Please email Marie: for details.

The nightly room/board is paid directly to the monastery upon room reservation at the rates published on this website, which varies with which room you select, and is paid directly to the Monastery.
See Rooms & Suggested Donations for more details.