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Blessings, Peace and Harmony: Monks of the Desert
"Blessings, Peace and Harmony: Monks of the Desert"

New Compilation CD released by Sony Music Masterworks

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With the release of our NEW CD, "Blessings, Peace and Harmony: Monks of the Desert", on April 24th, friends at Sony and our monks have produced an online 15 week series of reflections by Abbot Philip Lawrence, called "Dear Abbot." You can view the videos here.


Monks of the Desert:
Meet the Monks of the Desert

Week 14

How do you find balance in your monastic life?
Week 13

What are your views on infidelity and commitment?
Week 12

What is your view on interfaith relationships?
Week 11

What is it like to live in community at the monastery?

Week 10

Natural Disasters: Can you help me put them in perspective?
Week 9
How can I resolve conflict?

Week 8

What does it mean to listen with intention?
Week 7

How can I be a better leader?

Week 6
How can I make my time spent with family and friends more meaningful?
Week 5
Why is it important to forgive?

Week 4

What steps can I take to calm my mind?

Week 3
How can I incorporate meditation in daily life?

Week 2

How Do I Balance a Strong Work Ethic and Peace of Mind?

Week 1

What is the Value of Work in Life?